Future Skills Workshops

The future skills Course is particularly designed for those who would like to upgrade their Leadership and IT skills in order to meet the challenges of tomorrow. It consists of Leadership and Information Technology Accredited & non-Accredited Units. These workshops are designed to improve people’s leadership and IT skills to get a better job and a better future.

Team Building Workshops

Getting team members to voice their concerns might be possible through individual contact with each team member, but workshops are usually more effective. Workshops help to:

  • build a collective understanding of change issues
  • encourage team involvement and motivation
  • break down barriers between members
  • support priorities and objectives

Building awareness for change

Because most people are resistant to change to some degree, it is important for team leaders to help team members become aware of why there is a need for change. Building awareness for change can be incorporated into workshops so that all members are able to understand the logic lying behind change decisions.

Awareness should focus on the benefits the new technology and information system will bring to team members and the detriments of not changing. Therefore, to encourage team members to support the change, provide them with answers to the following questions:

  • Ensure estimates of information system future needs reflect the organisation’s business plans, and customer and supplier requirements
  • Prepare team members to work with new technology and information system changes

Effective Leadership, Quality Assurance & Professional Accountability

  • monitoring and assuring the quality of information
  • improving communication and understanding
  • facilitating training
  • assisting with planning and executing plans
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