Cara Disability Manager Development Program 2008-2009

Comments at six month evaluation included:


What I have achieved:

Public speaking, increased confidence, how to plan a project, report writing, recognising the importance of time management and planning, being prepared when presenting, working with a group of people I don’t usually work with.


Brian East CARA Executive Manager 2008                    


What I am taking back to the workplace is:

Delegating skills, being more assertive, recognising everyone has something to offer, planning & time management, importance of clear communication between all levels of staff, setting goals within a timeframe, importance of supporting team members.


Annete Hunter, CARA Manager 


What I have achieved:

New knowledge, improved confidence (I was scared), completing a project on time, better working relationships.


What I am taking back to the workplace is:

Information, enthusiasm, ways to empower staff


Christine Smith, CARA Manager                  

Samoan MCIL Effective Leaders and Empowering People 2010

Comments from participants included:

  • Overall excellent and very professional trainer
  • Good organising with change of venues. Overall it was an excellent training program.
  • This is one of the best training that I have ever attended. Like to have more.
  • Such a very productive and useful training for me personally as a leader. I can now be able to motivate and change the way i approach my staff through applying Covey’s 7 habits
  • Thank you very much Andrew trust you have a safe trip back home
  • Excellent training
  • The trainer was the best in his lecturing process. Very clear. Understandable.
  • The trainer was very motivational & energetic which made the course very alive. Using so many different activities to ensure that the concepts are stuck in our minds
  • Would there be a continuation of this course

Government of South Australia Department of Further Education, Employment, Science & Technology Employment Programs - Skill Recognition Services

Learning Potential International was successful in 2010 in attracting funding under the Productivity Places Program, a Program of the Australian Government’s Skilling Australia for the Future Initiative.  In November 2010, Learning Potential International commenced training the first of two groups in Certificate 4 in Small Business Management for skilled Migrants.  18 participants have undertaken the training.

During this time Learning Potential International has:

  • Conducted Business in a highly professional manner
  • Maintained a Strong and Flexible approach in their training
  • Provided timely and consistent reports on the monitoring of participants performance
  • Adopted clear and open communication practices between SRS and participants
  • Met key training indicators and milestones, and
  • Value added through the use of highly experienced business specialists

Learning Potential International has assisted participants by providing opportunities to develop the skills they need to effectively run their own business and to be successful in the world of business.

Angela De Marco, Manager – Skills Recognition Services

Diploma of Management - Cara Inc

Hi Julie and Andrew,


I just have to thank you both again for Tuesday I am still in disbelief at how special you made each one of us feel, it was the most unforgetable day of my life (even more so than my wedding day).


I can say it was the worst day because of the nerves and expectations I had put on myself and the best day because of the support and encouragement of everyone present. I have never given a presentation before and even though I don't remember a thing I said it gives me a warm feeling knowing I conquered a fear. I have had 2 other ceremonies to receive awards with 2 other organisations and yours was the most proffessional and well organised in fact there is no comparison. You guys are the best!  Lorraine

Certificate IV in Small Business Management for Skilled Migrants

Thanks Julie.  This is my first course completion in Australia and will remain close to my heart.  Have a nice day.  Subroto

Cara - A place for Opportunity

To Whom it May Concern, 
Learning Potential International is a preferred provider at Cara for leadership and management training.  Learning Potential has been the successful bidder and provider in a number of leadership programs that have been designed and tailored to meet the needs of the organisation and participants.

Feedback from the key stakeholders within Cara has been highly positive:

  • Very good planning and integrating of different learning
  • resources and projects
  • Strong and flexible training style
  • Clear and effective assessment processes
  • Very good understanding of the needs of learners/participants
  • Successful use of trainers with specialist knowledge
  • Strong coaching support to trainees
  • Strong support to line Managers and stakeholders to make
  • work based learning projects successful
  • Successful alignment of training delivery and work based projects and assessments to the strategic directions and operational framework of Cara 
  • Value adding through meetings and support to participants and project mentors and coaches 
  • Demonstrable knowledgeable of program context and organisational needs at Cara

Learning Potential International principals have been intimately involved in the planning and delivery of the programs at Cara and have worked closely with the senior management team to plan, review progress, and adapt learning strategies. They have provided significant added value and development to the improvement and organisational growth at Cara.

Extract from letter from Millie Hunt, new Adventure tourism operator, commenting on business coaching by Andrew Inglis


“Right from the start you have been a very valuable person to my business and me. Every time we meet you always seem to come up with other ideas for my business. A lot of time too, you have suggestions that improve my way of thinking. The positive words you display are infectious. I always feel good after our meetings. This has encouraged me so much, that I have never researched a possible business idea so much. Personally, I have found you to be funny, kind, considerate and honest. These are only a few good qualities that I have mentioned, but you possess many more. This has led to a good, trusting, working relationship between us.” 


Millie Hunt 16/05/05

AusAID Tourism Promotion Authority capacity building in Papua New Guinea 2004

Andrew Inglis was Educational Coach, facilitator and assessor for the programs. Over 160 participants completed a leadership program (6 courses) and customer service program (6 courses). All were managers and frontline staff from hotels, guest houses, village tourism attractions, tour guides, car hire and reception staff  most with basic English skills and unfamiliar with attending training course. Some of the feedback was:

  • This workshop has given us an opportunity to do practical exercises and helped us in public speaking area thanks
  • Excellent course, very important topics covered. We need this sort of courses run in our provinces
  • Eye opening though that tourism was hotel and accommodation only it is more than that
  • The course was well presented, I need to attend more courses in the future
  • Inspiring course that improved my skills and knowledge
  • Though I have a fair bit of training experience from my job background, the course was a great morale booster and very, very useful, particularly with my added responsibilities in tourism training

Tanzanian Leadership Develop Program 2008

Thanks for unlocking my potentialExcellent course and the presenter is just perfectThe training is very important to develop our company staff.   Real happy and enjoyed it.  Andrew performed an excellent job.

Samoan PSC Designing and Developing Training Programs 2009

Comments from participants included:

  • Great learning techniques & skills to use for training in our organisation.  
  • Need more of this training in the future.
  • Thanks very much for the opportunity given to experience different people with different personalities.
  • To have more things like this to refresh our understanding in doing our work
  • Excellent training
  • I valued the training very much, very informative and useful. I only encountered one problem, this was working together in my team.
  • Overall training was excellent. I was able to learn some good pointers for presentation skills & about gaining confidence in presenting!!
  • A good structured training
  • Thank you Andrew for this training, I’ve learnt a lot of new things and from now on will be able to design & develop training programmes.
  • Overall – excellent training!!
  • Excellent course in preparing trainers
  • Well organised training and remarkable/ competent trainer
  • I would like a review or follow up course especially on another level of this subject. It’s a useful and interesting topic especially in the public service.

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