Gima Kepi - Nationwide Microbank Limited, PNG

FYI, my work place project has now come under the APEC charter, and will be highlighted during the 2018 APEC deliberations here in PNG. I’m so thankful to God. Did not expect such a thing, but excited that MiBank will be get the recognition through this ADB pilot (which is the first in PNG J, perhaps the Pacific Islands).

I owe it to you all at LPI and IBBM for coming in at the right time in empowering through the Australian Dip. In Management, which for is an international qualification which I have achieved within my doorsteps.  Thank God for you all as well.

Belinda Vivian - Tourism E Kit Fleurieu

“I just wanted to say what an incredible 3 day workshop! I am now quite motivated to move our business even a little further. Shane was terrific, he was so approachable, his knowledge and ability to translate to our language was very helpful!” “It was a lot of information in a short time and I am still processing it but cannot wait to start applying it. It was good to have a session located the Fleurieu Peninsula because it has given us an opportunity to network with real local businesses and help us ‘bundle’ some packages for our visitors.” Kind regards

First Migrant program in Small Business Management 2010 - Ronald Van Diessen

The  moment is finally there that I can start executing my marketing plan. I've made some nice flyers that I will be spreading around to more and more businesses soon. The website still needs a lot of work, which should be finished before the end of September.(www.funwheels.com.au). But at least there's something on there for now. I am waiting for a few nice days to do a photoshoot and make some You Tube videos. I have already hired out a fair few pedal go-karts, considering not much promo/advertising has been done. Everything is all a little delayed also due to my trip to the Netherlands recently.

I am also the South Australian dealer for BERG TOYS pedal go-karts (www.bergtoys.com) and will have to put a fair bit of effort into selling these top toys in SA.

Besides that we finally finished the last jobs for the cottage and this new self contained holiday home already proofs to be very popular! (see http://clareview.com.au/clare_cottage.html). 

I am not sure I will be having a grand opening yet for Fun Wheels, but if I will, I will definitely send you and Andrew and invite!

Certificate III in Micro-Business for people with a Disability.

"Hello & hi A & J, many kind thanks for uploading our Facebook Business page over the Adelaide Cup Weekend - since have won 13 new LIKERS and won 2 full house jobs - 1 is weekly and starting 2nd house job this week with another FB agency that is very similar ideas to mine - Abbie now employs people to do the physical side of the work while Abbie does all the administration and job placements when comes up.

Also won 1 cleaning full house with ABBA - Adelaide Busy Bees Assistants - only a once off for inspection - wonderful news and about time - taken 6 months that our business was doing nothing - wanting to say many thanks for sharing our business on your FB page. Kind Regards

Catherine Plush

ABBA - Adelaide Busy Bees Assistants & Bazza's Gardening And Home Services

Certificate III in Micro-business

“I was thinking over the week end about the course and what it has meant to me and our business. There were a couple of things that were a stand out firstly a lot of the information I don’t remember and a lot I will never use again but I do know it and the proof of that is our awards. I t was the first submission that I wrote rather than one of my staff, I have included as an attachment our submission for the new tourism Product which started with the major project as part of the course with you. I think that the course that you run could use the awards as the major project as part of it or better still a extended course of submission writing as a business appreciation and marketing course.”

Matt Waller, Adventure Bay Charters.

Certificate 111 in Micro business

Thank you very much at LPI for helping us all to achieve our dream goals and working with us all so hard to get all our businesses together finally on 12.12.12. I loved the venue that you all had picked for our graduations - beautiful, lovely place and peaceful.

Jacy Arthur


Diploma of Management

Thank you so much for your encouragement and assistance, without which I don’t think I’d have made it. Thank you also to Andrew. Really looking forward to graduation day.  Nancye

Micro-business Training for those with a Disability Program

Recommendation on Linked In

'Andrew is a highly skilled, experienced and engaging trainer who has a gift for making learning a valuable experience by using a wide range of activities and using examples and illustrations from his own experience that are relevant, memorable and entertaining.'

Stacey Copas

Office of Education Quality Assurance South East Sulawesi, Indonesia

Thank for all you have done during the program. Excellent presentation, helpful, passionate and sense of humor.  Love that all.  Best wishes for you.

FarmBis & Indigenous Lands Corporation program in 2005

Have gained tools to create future job pathways for myself and others.  This was new to me, but very good, relevant and timely. At this point the program is very stimulating and relevant to the direction I’m going to apply in work.  Thanks Andrew.

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