Desmond - PNG Air Services

I am very much happy that I have finally met relevant FLM requirements. Also you were very kind and helpful in all my assessments, and I must say great thank you for contributing immensely towards the accomplishment of FLM course.

FLM indeed  thought me real workplace based stuff where many of them were not covered during my university days. Since I am currently the Training and Development Coordinator here, I have encouraged many of our staff members to attend the course, so please keep me in the loop when you are planning to facilitate the course any time at IBBM or anywhere in POM.

Keep in touch and you have a blessed afternoon.

Anita - Bank of South Pacific, Papua New Guinea

Hi Julie,

Really appreciate your support and encouragement.  Would like to thank you and Andrew for your hard work in training/mentoring and coaching us and also encouraging.  It was a pleasure knowing you both and a great experience being trained/mentored and coached by professionals like you both.

You will be missed not just by the staff but the Diploma in Management participants as well.  

We will keep in touch with you both.

Dora - Frontline Management

Good morning Andrew and Julie,  It’s been very challenging after my return from the Course and I am so happy and satisfied with how I carryout myself at the work place by putting what I have learnt into action. My team  and I have been very happy and supportive to one and other in doing things together aiming for quality and achieving daily targets.

Some of the things that I have learnt was shared amongst my team and I have also noted improvement in the team’s efforts especially in helping one and other. Thanks once more to you both for the ample knowledge and skills which I see has great impact on my work too when put into practice.

PNG TAE 2015 Participant

'And so appreciative of you and Andrew and the great work that you do,..you don’t just train people, you train from the heart and you give it your all! We’re a privileged lot to have had the experience to be trained by Andrew, thank you. You are such a wonderful team'.

PNG Dip of Management 2015 Participant

'I am was very privilege to meet and openly discussed issues on the courses. I am very satisfied and I believe the interaction was very timely with my workplace project and the remaining of my assessments books.

Really appreciated your visit and do hope to see in your next visit.'

PNG Dip of Management 2015 Participant

'Meeting with you was not only timely but most encouraging particularly for those of us who are currently facing serious challenges in our workplaces and at times were ready to throw in the towel. I felt quite rejuvenated after our session…enough to set time aside this long weekend to work on the completion of of my assignments.

Hope you, Andrew and the great team you have there with you have a blessed Easter.'

Trish - A to B Tradies Course

For the record, Jake is ‘loving’ the course.  Naturally, I was curious when he got home after the first night so I asked him how he went.  He spent ½ hour going through some things he’d learnt and suggested that if something similar come up, I should do it too.  He then proceeded to say that he was ‘stoked’ to be learning stuff that some business owners never learn and he’s hoping it will give him an advantage ‘when he goes out on his own’.

Credit goes to the people who create the content AND to the gentleman at the front of the room for presenting things in such a way that a 20 year old ‘bloke’ enjoys learning.

Lawrence Wood

Excellent course all the tutors were very friendly and wanting to help you anyway they could. All the information was well planned and easy to follow. Thanks PENNY for coming down the extra day.

A to B Tradies Course

'This is the best course Ive been on'.

A to B Tradies Course Participant

'Only thing that kept me going through the day was knowing I was coming to the course tonight.'

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